I envy her. Yes, there are some ways that make me sure that I really really wanna be like her.

Her writting skill. Every story that she made is always full of energy, really beautiful, really amazing. I love all of her stories. And I tried so many times to writting, but why I couldn't make it the best? At least for me -,-

She has a daddy who really care of her. Well, my dad is really care of me and he loves me.. I knew that. But he never make a conversation about what I love, what's my interst, kinda like that. He never knew that I always have my own world with 'those people'. I really wanna feel that happiness when my dad understand about my world. And yeah, I wanna be closer to my daddy.

There were just some reasons why I really jealous at her. I'm not knowing her much at personal even I talked to her a few times. She's really fine, really kind to me (and everyone), and she's really....fun. I wanna know about her much more. Oh stop it, I started to cry now. Nobody's perfect. Yep, I know what you want to have right now. But you don't have to force yourself if it's hurting you, ya know that. You're beautiful :)

P.S. I envy of you because I really wanna be like you, I'm a fan of you :)

*dedicated to a girl who I really adore out there*


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