IF I HAD WORDS to say how much I love you. But I'm just your fans. And I know US AGAINST THE WORLD. I just wanna say THANK YOU for all of your love that you gave toyour fans. I've got these PICTURES IN MY HEAD. These pictures are about you. I always CATCH MY BREATH everytime I hear your voice, I always SMILE everytime I see your fece, and i always feel CLOSE to you everytime I think about you. You make my life briliant, COLOUR MY WORLD is you. You'd be the PUZZLE OF MY HEART. I LAY MY LOVE ON YOU, Mark. I know my love is UNBREAKABLE. It's just AMAZING, YOU RAISE ME UP. IN THIS LIFE, you teach me how to love everyone. I'd see ALL OUT OF LOVE that you gave to everyone, how much your love to your families, your friends, and of course your fans. Thanks again for everything. You make me feel like ON THE WINGS OF LOVE. You make me FLYING WITHOUT WINGS. MAYBE TOMORROW you'll say that you're mine, I know it's impossible. But you said to me NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, so I'd still believe. I hope that a miracle come to me. Keep SINGING FOREVER for everyone. YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE with your voice. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME. It's EASY to loving you. NOTHING GONNA CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU. I'll STILL HERE to give you a lot of supports. Everyone around me always ask to me "WHY DO I LOVE YOU?". And I don't have any good answer for it. Because I don't know what to say. You just mean everything for me. It's OBVIOUS, you can HEAL my heart. Everyone says I'm crazy. And I said "HEY WHATEVER". WHAT DO THEY KNOW, Mark? They don't know anythng. I just want TO BE WITH YOU. I DID IT FOR YOU. If I can CHANGE THE WORLD, I'll make you mine. Because I NEED YOU. I WANNA GROW OLD WITH YOU. You're like an ANGEL. You're the KING OF MY HEART. I'll always love you.

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