1. I have a lot of dreams. I am a crazy dreamer
  2. I am lazy
  3. I'm a moody person
  4. I am selfish and stubborn
  5. I’m actually a caring person, I just refuse to show it
  6. I am really sensitive
  7. I cry a lot
  8. I have secrets (obviously!)
  9. I keep secrets
  10. A lil bit of anti social
  11. I often feel jealous
  12. I am feminine actually
  13. I love to laugh and make people laugh with me
  14. I can be really calm even I’m in pressure
  15. It is hard for me to hide my anger
  16. I can be really cruel and mean sometimes
  17. But I don’t like to hurt people
  18. I am more a listener type
  19. But I can be really talk-active to people who make me happy
  20. I can be really intense when I am into something
  21. I love maths (no, I'm serious)
  22. I love fruits
  23. I love bunnies
  24. I hate reptiles  
  25. I love teddy bears
  26. I hate traveling
  27. But I'd love to go to France and Ireland
  28. My fave weather is rainy
  29. I love to swim but haven't done it for ages
  30. I love music, but I know that I don’t belong in that world
  31. I love to see someone playing piano, and I wish I could play it too
  32. American serials addict
  33. I love reading but haven’t done it again for a while
  34. I could read my fave parts in the book over and over again without feeling bored
  35. I wanted to become a writer. But since I couldn’t finish any story that I wrote, I kinda give up
  36. A dream place to live in? The Upper East Side
  37. I love fairy-tales
  38. My fave princesses are Ariel and Aurora
  39. I think British accent is super cute
  40. I love photographs and quotes
  41. I am no longer have ‘the most fave Westlife member’
  42. Shane is my first love in Westlife
  43. I was really like Mark
  44. I ever mad at Brian for leaving Westlife
  45. I have several thousand of Westlife pics at my PC
  46. I know every Westlife song
  47. Most of my fave Westlife songs are the ballad ones
  48. My fave music video of Westlife is Us Against The World
  49. I wanna meet Westlife, but maybe someday
  50. I know things about Ireland because of Westlife
  51. I love Westlife’s children!
  52. I hate to see Westlife dancing on stage
  53. I don’t collect so many Westlife stuff
  54. I don’t follow the news about Westlife anymore
  55. To be honest, I’m not really into Westlife anymore
  56. I have an insane obession on Chace Crawford
  57. I know him because of Gossip Girl
  58. I can watch him, listen to his voice, and stare at his pictures for hours
  59. I love the way he talk
  60. I want to be Chace’s personal stylist, so that I can tell him what to wear everyday
  61. I love to see Chace in formal clothes
  62. I love his smile
  63. I always check chaceconline.com everyday
  64. I often repeat his scenes in Gossip Girl over and over again
  65. I have many videos of Chace on my PC
  66. I don't like to hear him singing
  67. I love to see his family
  68. I hate his sister at first, but now I adore her
  69. Yet, I envy her to have a brother like Chace
  70. My fave pic of Chace is the baby pic
  71. FASHION is my new obesession
  72. My username in polyvore is ‘Lady of F’. The F stands for Fashion
  73. I wanna be a stylist, so that I can tell people what to wear
  74. I also wanna be a fashion editor for magazine
  75. I love to watch movie that contains the F factor
  76. And that’s why I love Gossip Girl
  77. I adore Coco Chanel
  78. I love the symbol of Chanel
  79. I love to see the street styler
  80. I like Alexa Chung's style
  81. I love shoes shoes and shoes!
  82. Christian Louboutin shoes are adorable. I want to have them in my closet
  83. I love Chanel handbags
  84. I want to go to the four fashion capitals
  85. Polyvore, Looklet, and Lookbook are important sites
  86. Gossip Girl is the first American series that I watch
  87. Nate Archibald is my first fave character on Gossip Girl, and he still be my fave!
  88. Blair Waldorf is my role model. We have a lot in common
  89. Nair is my fave couple on GG
  90. But I’m happy for Chair and Serenate
  91. I hate Dair
  92. I cried when watching Gossip Girl once
  93. I wanna replace Eric Daman’s job in Gossip Girl
  94. For me personally, Gossip Girl is the best fashion show EVER
  95. I love how every character on GG has their own style
  96. Serena’s style is my fave actually
  97. I afraid of Chuck Bass in the first season
  98. Eventhough Taylor Momsen is weird, but I kinda like her
  99. I kinda admirer Gossip Girl herself
  100. I wish I have the GG books

ooops, forgot to submit this set on the latest post.

this is Queen B and her late signature... the HEADBANDS.

first of all, again and again, I feel sorry to not post any stuff in this blog for looooooong time. believe me, I couldn't find interesting to share! 
I've been a fashion addict lately, and fortunately I'd found Polyvore!
so, these are some sets I made up.

I adore CHANEL. and this is dedicated for that amazing brand

Gossip Girl is the best fashion show ever for me!

the set that featuring my man? obviously!

and... Alexa Chung. a new fashion influences. not really my style, but I love to see her!

shhh... right now I have a secret obsession to be a fashion stylish :p

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