Finally, after a year off, Westlife's new album will be out soon! It's called WHERE WE ARE (what a nice title isnt it?). In U.K. it will be release on 30th Nov 2009, but in Ireland it will be out 3 days earlier! Aaaaah, so lucky!!!

I'm so excited to hear the songs! I'm sure I gonna love it, bcoz I always love their music lol. .

Anyway, the cover artwork looks great. Our lads are so georgeous!!! Check out this!

So, here is the tracklisting of this album:
1. What About Now
2. How To Break A Heart

3. Leaving
4. Shadows
5. Talk Me Down

6. Where We Are

7. The Difference

8. As Love Is My Witness

9. Another World

10. No More Heroes

Sound Of A Broken Heart
12. Reach Out

13. I'll
See You Again

Listen to the sampler music of Westlife's new album "Where We Are" here

Pre-order the new album of Westlife : Where We Are

hmm, I cant wait to hear it!!

Le gra FaLiLa xoxo


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