I love Westlife...

I just wanna say that my love for them is unbreakable

They're such a big inspirations n motivations in my life

They're brighten my life

They're one of my reason to still stand the day everyday

They're teach me how important love is

My family, my friends, everyone. We're need people to share our love forever.

I learnt it from them
If they're happy, I'll feel more happiness. If they're sad, I'll feel more sadness fill my life

They're always rock the world with their musics and their stories

I don't know how to say a big thanks for the love that their share with everyone
I just love them like crazy.

My head is full of them

They're more than just amazing

They're raising me up

C'mon guys, singing forever for the world.

We got world of our own. It's WESTLIFE WORLD.

P.S. I will always love you WESTLIFE :')


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