Maybe my cds, singles, vcd, and dvd of westlife aren't complete. Maybe I don't have a lot accessories of westlife . Maybe I never attending their concerts. Maybe I never seen them. Maybe there's a lot of their song I never heard... Maybe I don't know them.

But I always supporting them whatever they do. I love them as my idols for the entire of my life. And I wish I can keep this love until the end of time...

I can't say that I'm a big fan of westlife because my collections are complete enough. But I can say I'm a big fan of them because of my love for them.

I love them since 11 years ago and it will last forever..

Thanks for so much love from you guys. I learnt everything from your stories..

I'll be loving you forever

so much love, hugs, kisses from me.. xoxo


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