Hey hoo! eeerrrr I haven’t updated this blog for ages. I had nothing to share -_- and honestly, right now I still don’t know what to do. I just miss this blog. I miss to share my thoughts here. But these days, I’m kinda losing my mood to this whole thing. The games in my notebook have been stealing most of my time instead --“ besides, this damn notebook also driving me crazy huh.

I haven’t share my experiences in my new class, have I? Well, I have to admit it. This class is waaaaay better – in so many ways – than the last one (don’t want to talk more about it :P). And when people asked me about how my life goes, I’d say that I really happy hahaha. I couldn’t be more happier after finish that damn-frustrating-semester :p
fufufu wish me luck for the rest of my high school (-_-“)

P.S. I love the social sciences <3
Chiao! xoxo


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